VR46 Racing is able to offer a distribution service on a worldwide scale in a number of sectors. An established network of distributors covers 90% of countries, with in the sportswear sector, motorcycle dealerships, and the merchandising industry.

VR46 Racing is also a leader in at-racetrack sales. Through its dedicated staff and logistics, the company is able to offer sales points that travel to every round of the MotoGP World Championship. The company is active at smaller events and other championships as well, according to the brand’s potential in the various events. The direct nature of the sales administration allows VR46 to supply a coordinated service, with a very high image standard.

The online sales channel is represented by the website. Each brand or rider can opt for a dedicated web solution and an online sales structure managed by sector professionals.

Each year, VR46 Racing takes part in the most important industry tradeshows in order to best represent and promote its partner brands. Such activities can gradually improve market penetration while simultaneously displaying the products in the most prestigious booths.

All of these activities are based on years of experience, and our partners may choose how to be represented in a flexible way that best meets their needs.